ZYGGOS began as a question. The question was simple - why wasn't there a full-service HR solution built for small business? Sure there were Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Payroll companies and behemoth, expensive HR solutions that were built for Fortune 500 companies, but nothing for 1-250 employee size companies. You know the companies that keep our economy going and make the majority of business in America. 

there wasn't solution so we created one.  

We put together our collective experience and created what did not exist. ZYGGOS was created out of necessity. We wanted to create a solution that not only provided what you needed to keep your employees happy, but we wanted it to be a long-term solution. It was important that it could grow with your organization and had all the bells and whistles a growing company would need. 

then the hard work really began.we embraced it.  

So we set off to figure out what services a company would need at the start and what they would need at each stage of their growth. We took into account what we had learned over our careers of working with small - medium size businesses and what was needed, what wasn't and how to make something that actually made the lives of business owners easier.  

now how do we test it? will people like it? 

We enlisted beta users and let them have at it - they were brutal but we needed to know what to fix, what worked and what did not. We found through the process that everyone who used ZYGGOS liked it's ease of use and the simplicity of how everything just "worked" together. We were on to something and we took the advice of our beta users and added, tweaked and subtracted what wasn't truly useful. 

We refined our goal to be three things - useful, simple and affordable. 

So after a year in beta - we wanted to offer a full service solution that was useful, simple and affordable. With 50+ clients on our platform - we aren't perfect but we are what we set out to be. So after a journey that has taken us from highs and lows we are proud to offer ZYGGOS as a payroll, hr and benefits solution. Let us show you why ZYGGOS is the NEW WAY to HR.