A fully integrated cloud-based payroll solution that makes it affordable, simple and easy to process payroll from anywhere. With unlimited reporting capabilities, precise tax deductions and filings all while reducing risk with payroll-related compliance.

Full-Service Payroll System

Make paydays a breeze. ZYGGOS offers a full-service cloud-based payroll system that handles everything from time sheets to tax withholdings, W-2s, and 1099s all while keeping compliant with state and federal regulations. Mobile App capabilities allow you the flexibility to run, manage and operate all aspects of payroll on-the-go. 

  •  Manage your payroll processing at anytime from any place with this  powerful and easy-to-use solution.
  •  Full-service direct deposit provides a timesaving electronic payment  option that enables you to deposit employees’ pay directly into their bank    accounts.
  •  Integrate payroll with time and attendance to streamline and automate the  pay data grid.
  •  Handles complicated calculations on court-ordered wage garnishments,  levies and child support payments and makes payments to appropriate  agencies.
  • General Ledger Interface creates an import-ready file that contains all your  payroll journal entries that allow you to import directly into your general                                                                                                                                       ledger software package saving time and manual entry.          

Tax Filing & Compliance


Ensure the timely and accurate calculation, filing, and deposit of employment taxes in all states. ZYGGOS handles your tax withholdings, year-end tax reporting, and ongoing compliance with tax regulations.



  • Prepare, files and deposits appropriate federal, state and local taxes and also provides monthly reporting to relevant tax authorities.
  • Handle your company’s Year End reporting, direct reporting to the proper tax authorities and statements of deposits and filings made on your behalf.
  • Automatically generate W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors to distribute at Year-End.
  • Keep up-to-date with the ever changing Federal and State Jurisdiction tax regulations.


Time and Attendance


As your company grows, managing labor costs and compliance becomes more important. With ZYGGOS, our advanced Time and Attendance system, employees can record time through both online time sheets and physical on-site time clocks. ZYGGOS integrates their hours directly into the payroll system saving manual entry and time during the payroll process.



  • Track hours worked along with any audits or changes made to timecard exceptions.
  • Web Clock, Standard Time Clocks, Biometric Clocks and Voice Clocks are some of the ways ZYGGOS enhances the accuracy of timekeeping.
  • Seamlessly pulls hours directly into ZYGGOS for automated precise calculations and reporting.
  • Easily track time and attendance while reducing labor costs, minimizing compliance risks, and increasing employee productivity.

Expense Management

An integrated travel and expense solution, helps organizations save time and control spend during every step of the business traveler’s journey—before, during, and after the trip. ZYGGOS pulls all the pieces of travel and expense management together into one system that’s tailored to your business—from travel procurement and itinerary management to expense reports, payment, and reporting. 

  • Eliminate employee guess-work and help drive in policy compliance. 
  • Easily create expense reports—receipt images can be captured and uploaded with a smartphone’s camera.
  • Save time, hassle and empower employees when you automate your expense report process.
  • Pay faster to maximize rebates and keep employees happy,
  • Managers can easily review, approve, process and audit expense reports—they have control and visibility into T&E spend.
  • Employees save significant time; they can easily create and submit accurate, in-policy expense reports.


General ledger interface

Connect your payroll and general ledger with a reliable, flexible solution that you control – enabling you to transform a series of time-consuming tasks into a smooth and continuous process. ZYGGOS provides you—or your accountant—online access to payroll data with every payroll. You instantly save time, reduce errors and increase flexibility.



  • One-time set up to map your chart of accounts to your payroll for simple easy-to-use General Ledger.  
  • Flexible solution to chart total net pay or each paycheck. 
  • Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts and/or departments.  
  • Improves accuracy – no double data entry, no re-keying information and no more errors.  
  • Direct online access by you and your payroll team, your accountant or auditors. 
  • No third party involvement to apply payroll data to your general ledger.

Payroll Reporting


Run all payroll reports you need to view headcount, track hours, understand your payroll-related costs, and gain a comprehensive view of your company. A complete Ad Hoc Report Writer allowing you to access and report on any data within the system – even custom fields.




  • Ensure payroll accuracy with access to all of your payroll data with an enhanced report-writing tool.
  • View hours to gain visibility on labor cost, overtime tracking and Affordable Care Act data.
  •  Measure your labor costs across all departments to keep a close watch on your human capital.
  • Direct online access by you, your payroll team, your accountant and or auditors. 
  • Run customized or automatic reports during every payroll processing.