Do you suffer from MPS - Multiple Provider Syndrome?

Do you suffer from MPS - Multiple Provider Syndrome?

There is a disease that is running rampant amongst companies. It affects business owners, founders, HR and Operations staff- even C-level executives. Most that are plagued by it aren’t even aware and unfortunately before you know it, it very well could be too late. It starts out innocently enough and manifests into a silent killer that stifles productivity while bleeding cost.

MPS is known as Multiple Provider Syndrome, and it plagues 8 out of 10 companies. It infiltrates companies always in the same fashion. It starts with one provider for payroll, another for employee benefits, and then one for Workers’ Compensation, and then you add in a solution for Human Resources. Then as you grow even more providers get added and before you know it, you have a different provider for every “solution”.

And the point of it all started to make your life easier, but now you find yourself spending a good amount of time just managing your providers and wishing that there was something that made them all work together. As you gaze out the window you think to yourself there must be an easier way to do everything and why hasn’t anyone come up with a better way to do these things. Instead of spending time doing productive things that are helping the company, you spend your time going back and forth between the different provider applications.

We understand we have seen MPS - Multiple Provider Syndrome cripple companies, render productive people completely useless and stifle the best intentions into mere dreams.

Here are the signs of MPS:  

  1. Payroll Provider - you use a provider for your payroll, and they only handle your payroll. You toggle back and forth to their application to process and pay your employees.
  2. Employee Benefits - you use a broker for your employee benefits. When a new employee joins your company, they must fill out a bunch of forms and then you have to send them to the broker to get them enrolled.
  3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance - you’re still dealing with Year End Audits, owing money at the end of the year and it all is a year end nuisance.
  4. Human Resources - either someone in your office that doesn’t belong managing HR is doing it, you’ve outsourced to another provider or even worse you have no solution and will get one once something happens.
  5. Timekeeping - you are using either yet another provider for this or everyone is using a Google Doc to ensure it’s safe.
  6. Expense Management - everyone is either submitting paper reports, and you’re trying to make heads or tails of it all or using yet another application.
  7. Applicant Tracking System - posting jobs, managing resumes, remembering who’s who has warranted hiring someone to manage all of it. Or worse yet you need to purchase a costly ATS, which is another application.
  8. Performance Reviews - ensuring all the employees are accurately reviewed, you’re paying them enough and that you both have feedback to improve on. There are applications for this, they are costly and will add another application to manage.
  9. Employee Requests - John needs his paystub, Susan has an employee benefits issue, and the list goes on and on. Will you buy and expensive HR system or use a free one that only does a few thing?
  10. Handbooks and Documents - are you emailing these to your employees or storing them on Drive and hoping everyone reads it and signs it? How do you know they did or didn’t - you don’t.

For the sake of time, we will leave the symptoms at only 10, but we could go on for at least ten more. The goal is to find a seamless way to manage all of the above, increase your productivity and allow you time to do your actual job seems like a smart way to go. Start the new year with a mission to end MPS and if you think if you are suffering from it - don’t worry - we can help.

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