Combine your expertise with our solutions. 

ZYGGOS knows the value that Insurance Brokers and Agencies bring to their clients. So we designed our solution so it complements what you already do, and makes your life easier.   

how are you different than payroll companies, peos and hr providers?

We are different because we are designed to work with Brokers and Agencies in mind. Unlike PEOs our services aren't as expensive and there is no Co-Employment. HR Providers only provide HR - we provide a full-service solution of payroll, benefits management, talent and HR compliance. 

do i keep my groups and clients?

Of course. We provide services that complement what you do and your client needs. You retain complete control and protect your clients from the Payroll companies, the PEOs and the HR Providers.  

how can zyggos help my business?

Several ways. We help you by enabling you to offer your client's more solutions and services than you currently do. All of our solutions help you create additional revenue streams because we Revenue Share. We protect your clients and groups from the "Free" solutions, HR providers, PEOs and the Payroll Companies. 

how your clients benefit

  • Offer clients a full-service solution that is less expensive than the Payroll and PEO companies. 
  • Eliminate your client's having multiple service providers - streamline their process. 
  • Lower your client's cost for payroll, Human Resources and benefit management.
  • Enroll, Administer and manage your client's benefits electronically through our HRMS portal. 
  • SHRM Certified HR expertise and guidance If and when they need it to remain compliant 

how you benefit

  • Compete with the PEO and Payroll companies with a complete cloud-based HR solution.
  • Bringing a complete Human Capital Management solution to your current and prospective clients.
  • Expand your product offering with a single partner at an affordable price to help you grow your client base.
  • Providing you the ability to leverage our knowledge and expertise for you to share with your clients.
  • Impact bottom line by providing your clients access to enhanced services to manage their benefits.
  • Revenue-Share program to help increase profitability and client base while retaining your current clients.

ok. so how do we work together?

Great question. Click below to get started.