At zyggos our singular focus is offering a useful, simple and affordable solution for small businesses. 

Working with ZYGGOS is easy and allows you to offer a full service solution for payroll, HR and benefits. Working with ZYGGOS allows you the flexibility to compliment what products and services you already offer while using ours to enhance your current offerings. Giving you opportunities to attract new clients and to retain existing ones. 

Accounting professionals 

CPAs and Accounting Professionals enjoy partnering with ZYGGOS because of our intuitive web-based payroll platform that offers anytime access to your client's payroll data. ZYGGOS makes your life easier and helps you build a profitable business. 

  • Unrivaled client service and support ensuring your clients get the best service every time, all the time.  
  • Our software has a built-in Tax Engine to make state and federal calculations effortless. 
  • A dedicated and responsive service team to answer your questions and help. 
  • Unlimited access to your client's payroll data so you can efficiently manage their filings, taxes and returns. 
  • Employee Benefits, Human Resource solutions and Workers' Compensation insurance for your clients. 


Franchises find great value in utilizing ZYGGOS, because we can streamline all aspects of your payroll, HR, benefits and timekeeping. Giving everyone the same system to work on, instead of having to learn and work on multiple systems. We help Franchises in the following ways: 

  • Manage cash flow with our Direct Pay cards and Direct Deposits.
  • Stay ahead of tax regulation and labor compliance across multiple locations - all managed from one platform. 
  • Manage time and attendance for your people with our time and attendance, HR solutions and hiring. 
  • We offer preferred pricing on Payroll, HR, Workers' Compensation and National Employee Benefit plans. 
  • Expertise working with many National Franchises. 


insurance brokers and agencies 

ZYGGOS helps Insurance brokers and Agencies compete with the PEOs and Payroll companies targeting your clients daily. Our solutions enable you to complement your current offerings to attract new clients and to retain current ones. Here's how: 

  • Full-Service Payroll and Tax services. 
  • Paperless Employee Benefit enrollments for your clients - our software and your benefits expertise. 
  • The same Human Resource solutions that PEOs and Payroll providers offer. 
  • Dedicated service and support for you and your clients. 
  • Access to your client's benefits, enrollments and administration -24/7/365. 
  • Revenue sharing on all of our solutions. 


associations and organizations 

ZYGGOS helps Associations and Organizations add value to your members and drive membership by offering payroll, employee benefits and HR to your membership base. We offer preferred pricing for our Association and Organization partners.  Here's how we help you:

  • A Full-Service payroll, benefits and HR solution for your members.
  • Joint marketing to help you educate and engage your membership base. 
  • Dedicated service and support for your members to ensure they get help and answers when they need it. 
  • Your members stay ahead of state and federal compliance, ACA and HR compliance. 
  • Ability to differentiate your offering to prospective and current members. 

interested in working for zyggos? 

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in employment - click here to submit your resume and if we are interested we will be in touch with you.