workers' compensation insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance is a necessity in business if you have employees. Without Workers' Compensation insurance you face penalties, tremendous liability and it's illegal. ZYGGOS helps ensure you have the right Workers' Compensation coverage, your employee's are classified correctly, and your liability is reduced. Below are some features that our client's enjoy by working with us.



Our Workers' Compensation Insurance carriers offer Pay-As-You-Go policies so that you are paying the exact amount you owe on each payroll. This eliminates year-end audits and you owing money at the end of the year. 

lower rates

We are able to get our client's lower rates on their Workers' Compensation insurance because we are brokers and have access to every Workers' Compensation insurance provider. So we shop the carriers to find you the best price, service, and carrier for your specific needs. 


Many times companies find out too late that their employees are not covered under the right Workers' Compensation Class Code and once you realize it, it's often too late. We work with you and our Workers' Compensation insurance carriers to ensure you are correctly covered and have the right class codes.